The Urban Life Center offers a variety of activities that assist people to develop overall wellness and become a part of an awesome community. Classes, seminars, workshops, projects, and community services completed with a delicious juice bar provide opportunities to you to achieve a better quality of life. The Urban Life Center is a place where you can holistically grow and feel better than ever!  

Meet The Team

Paulo Macena

Executive Director


Diego Boquer

Administrative Director

Cristina Macena

Center Manager

Karim Lazo

Center Coordinator

Urban Life Center Purpose

We believe that everything that affects the body also affects the mind, and everything that affects the mind, affects the body. We believe in a holistic approach to the well-being of an individual, and we believe that when the five areas of human development - Cognitive, Emotional, Social, Physical and Spiritual - are addressed in practical ways, an individual has the opportunity to achieve growth, success, health, a sense of belonging, and happiness in life.