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Social distancing means we have to stay apart, but we’ve created new ways to connect, commit, contribute and be part of the change. 

The Urban Life Center Virtual 5K is a virtual run/walk organized to raise funds for our Urban Life Center in Baltimore and to help its projects to serve the community in the area. On September 13, 2020 , runners, youth, and families from all around the world are all invited to run/walk a 5K wherever they are. Choose your location, enter your time through September 17th, and support this awesome project in the heart of Baltimore!

100% of all proceeds & 100% of all donations will go towards the Urban Life Center in Baltimore.

We are building an Urban Life Center in Baltimore to serve the city and to offer a variety of activities to assist the community in the areas of wellness, personal development and leadership. Some of the major issues facing Baltimore today includes chronic disease, substance use, mental health, and violence. The Urban Life Center is committed to offer in person and virtual classes, seminars, and workshops in the areas of wellness, health, nutrition, personal development, and leadership. We are also building a juice bar to create a sense of belonging and community. We are partnering with other organizations to develop community projects that create conscience about the importance of staying healthy and developing individual's leadership skills. 

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Share it!

Let others know about the Urban Life Center project in Baltimore. Your sharing will greatly help the impact this virtual 5K will have. Share it with your friends, family, co-workers and on your social media.  Use the hashtag #urbanlifecenter or #ulc5k and show off your time and your shirt! 


September 13, 2020 join us for the Baltimore Urban Life Center Virtual 5K and donate to make this awesome project!